Financial Advocacy

SOS Advocacy provides Financial Advocacy covering a range of issues

Sometimes people, who are otherwise able to live independently, still need that little extra support with their paperwork, especially with financial matters like banking, applying for benefits and paying bills.

A financial advocate is someone who will help you deal with your finances, including exploring your options and supporting you to make your own decisions.

What kind of help is provided?

A financial advocate can help you with:

  • setting up a bank account
  • organising your finances
  • settling unpaid bills
  • setting up a direct debit or standing order
  • contacting utility companies
  • negotiating prices with third parties, e.g. solicitors
  • Any other financial matters.

A financial advocate won’t make decisions for you but will provide you with clear information so you can decide for yourself.

At SOS Advocacy Hub our Financial Advocates support and enable people to:

Express their views and concerns

A really important part of what we do is getting to know the people we support and listening to what they want. We do this by taking the time to find out what is important to the people we support. For some people, having someone who is there just for them can be really empowering. Others might not be able to communicate or take part in every aspect of a decision, but our advocates can make sure that everyone who is important to them is involved in making decisions so that we get the best possible outcome.

Access information and services

We have specialised knowledge of the benefits system which helps us to get people what they are entitled to. We are also very persistent, working hard to make sure that people get everything they are entitled to.

Defend and promote their rights and responsibilities

We help people build skills around finances, including budgeting, so that they can have more control over their money.

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