Southend On Sea (SOS) Advocacy Hub

Complaint Process

Sometimes things don’t go quite right and if this happens with your support from the Hub, we are very sorry and we want to put it right as quickly as we can.

You can make a complaint, or raise a concern, by completing our contact form on this website, by writing to us at our office address, by telephoning us, or by emailing us. If you need help to give us feedback, please let us know and we will work with you to find the best way for your voice to be heard.

Usually the best way for us to sort out any problems quickly is by us contacting you to discuss the problem and agree how we are going to move forward – we call this informal resolution.

We will:

  • Contact you within 3 working days to discuss how we can resolve things quickly
  • Use plain language and no jargon
  • Treat you politely and with respect at all times, and have the right to expect you to do the same


If we are able to sort out the problem with you over the phone, or by email when we first contact you, we will:

  • Email, or write a letter to you (whichever you prefer) to summarise the discussion you have had, confirm the actions that have taken, or will take place. If you are unhappy with the response, you can make a formal complaint.


If it is not a quick fix, we will investigate the matter as a formal complaint. This will be forwarded to the CEO who will investigate the complaint. The CEO will contact you within 5 working days of the complaint being received, to make sure they understand what the problem has been, and what outcomes you want to achieve by making the complaint. They will confirm this with you in writing, either by email, or post (whichever you prefer).

At the end of the investigation, within 20 working days, the CEO will:

  • Email, or write to you (whichever you prefer) with the outcome of the investigation, and if your complaint was upheld, partially upheld, or not upheld and any actions arising from this;
  • Let you know how you can appeal against the finding.


If you don’t agree with the investigation findings, you can appeal. The appeal will be investigated by our Trustees and follow the timescales of the formal complaint.


Contact us:

Telephone: 01702 340566
Address: Unit 2, 225 to 235 West Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SS0 9DE